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This is a beautiful apartment on 87th street, this is a photo of the living room/dinning room area with a high-end two speaker system consisting of Vandersteen's 5C's along with Audio Research electronics and a Basis turntable. The rest of the house is wired with an Audio Request whole home audio system in every room.

Here is another photo of the same system from a different vantage point showing the right Vandersteen speaker system along with the Audio Research electronics in a free standing cabinet. It holds the Audio Research electronics plus the Basis turntable and the AC power conditioner that is used to filter out unwanted AC noise.

rosslivingroom rosslivingroom2

This is the home office in a job which consists of a computer, printer and other peripherals. The computer has been upgraded to a MAC that also runs Windows perfectly. It is an upgrade I do quite often now for customers.

This is a Basis turntable it is a SOTA device for record playback. Some audiophiles still agree that turntables offer better sound than CD's that were recorded after records were no longer made. It has a $6,000 dollar price tag so it is not for everyone.

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