Much of home automation technology is now network capable, not just computers anymore. Much of the home automation and whole house audio/video is done this way as well. Having a neat and clean network makes all the difference.

This is a wiring closet in one of my jobs, notice the neatness of it all. Having a clean neat wiring closet makes all the difference when its time to service the job. This whole house is wired to the gills with technology. All in harmony this makes for an Austin Media Desgn.

Work 3


Good wiring distribution is a must in any home automation system, smart house, computer system or even home audio/video system. Austin Media Design finds that to be our specialty. We take tremendous pride in doing wiring the correct way in your home or business, making operation and service a breeze.

Another photo of network wiring done correctly, it makes all the difference with initial operation and service over the long haul. Let Austin Media Design do this type of installation for you, offering you excellent performance today and reliability over the years.

cleannetworkwiring cleannetworkwiring
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