Another shot of the beautiful Basis turntable the "State of the Art" in turntable design. It has a custom made acrylic dust cover to protect this one from young children. This turntable offers unparalleled perform with vinyl playback. It is totally silent only extracting what’s in the grove and nothing more, Simply the best!!

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This is a picture of an Audio Request keypad, this is wall mounted in most cases and offers complete control of the Audio Request system. It can also be program to control other functions in the house such as lighting and security. Simply put "it offer's state of the art control"

basisturntable2 basisturntable2
cleancolorkeypad cleancolorkeypad

This is a Universal Remote Control KP-900 wall mounted keypad. It also snaps out of wall bracket and turns into a hand held remote. It can be program via a computer to control you entire system. Not sophisticated or flashy like other remotes but very powerful and reliable and most of all very cost effective.

Pictured here is my favorite remote control the KX-900 from Universal Remote Control Company. It offers the most no nonsense control of your home theater, whole house audio or home automation system. It is a "No Bull" solution and is my most popular remote control product. Once it is PC programed it is unstoppable.

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