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Here we have an Audio Request keypad housed in a custom desktop enclosure. This allowed for a desktop installation of the keypad. Appliedsync does many custom projects for their customers that often go beyond what the manufacture offers.

This is an Audio Request keypad as you can see it displays album art along with other playback data. It has several hard keys and touchscreen buttons as well. It allows for the Audio Request audio system control as well as other smart home functions programed into the system.

requestwallkeypad requestkaypaddesktop

Here we have a neat and clean prewire awaiting installation of equipment. Appliedsync does all there prewires this way to afford quality and ease of installation and service. Let Appliedsynce do this for you.

Lighting automation is a big part of what we do. Making the lighting control in your home or office easier to operate and more energy efficient. Let Appliedsync discuss with you today all the ways we can automate lighting..

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